DAY 1 – Wednesday May 31 Patient Symposium, University Club of Toronto
380 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5G 1R6

13:00-13:05 Welcome
Abha Gupta
13:05-13:30 CanSaRCC
Abha Gupta & Hagit Peretz-Soroka
13:30-14:00 Virtual care Pros and Cons in Rare Disease
Andrea Covelli
14:00-14:30 Music Therapy
Jahnusha Shriraam

14:30-15:00 Coffee Break Meet and Greet

15:00-15:30 Maintaining Physical Activity During and After Cancer
Eugene Chang
15:30-16:00Managing Mental Health During and After Cancer
Chana Korenblum & Noor Al-Shideedi
16:25-16:30 Closing remarks
Savtaj Brar


DAY 2 – Thursday June 01 – Main Symposium, Arcadian Court
401 Bay Street, Simpson, tower 8th floor, Toronto, ON M5H 2Y4

07:30-8:30 Meet the professor breakfast for trainees
S. Banerjee, J. Wunder, J. Yamada, C. Roland, J. Przybyl

08:40-08:45 Welcome
Rebecca Gladdy

Session 1: Regional Therapies David Kirsch
08:45-09:15 Special Lecture : SBRT Indication, pros and cons
Yoshiya Yamada
09:15-09:35 Hypofractionation for primary tumours 5# vs. 15#
Dave Shultz
09:35-10:15 Case presentations
Yoshiya Yamada, David Kirsch, Derek Tsang, Dave Shultz

10:15-10:45 Coffee Break Poster viewing, poster walk

Session 2: Precision Oncology/Molecular Diagnostics Bryan Lo
10:45-11:05 ctDNA A primer on utility Where we are now?
Joanna Przybyl
11:05-11:25 Molecular profiling may NOT be the GOLD standard
Liz Demicco
11:25-11:45 Cell-free fragmentomic analysis for the diagnosis of MPNST
Derek Wong

Session 3: MultiD/Combination Therapy Xiaolan Feng
11:45-12:15 Special Lecture: Immunotherapies are we ready to give up or can we do this?
Christina Roland
12:15-12:35 – What is immunoprofiling?
Hart Jackson
12:35-12:55 Cell therapy in Sarcoma
Albiruni Razak

12:55 13:45 Lunch visit sponsor tables, posters

Session 4: The human side of cancer Marlie Smith
13:45 14:05 Pain management The value of regional blocks
Ehtesham Baig
14:05 14:45 How to discuss prognosis
Pam Mosher

Session 5: Trainee rapid fire talks Joel Werier

16:30 Summary and concluding remarks
Peter Ferguson