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 Please check this page early 2018 for abstract submission dates.




Abstract Guidelines

 The total word count must be 300 words or less, including the title.

 Deadline for submission: TBD

Abstract notification: TBD


Abstract structure should be separated into:


  • Title: should be indicative of the content of the abstract Do NOT put in all caps
  • Introduction: introductory sentence(s) indicating the purpose of the study
  • Methods: a brief description of pertinent experimental procedures
  • Results: a summary of the data
  • Discussion: a statement of the findings and conclusions


Please send only the abstract, as a Word document. Other specifications:

  • Include all author full names, titles, and affiliations
  • Please specify the presenting author, including a contact email
  • Figures and tables need not be included, and will not be evaluated


Please submit your completed abstract, in the format above, to:

Sally Burtenshaw