Patient Symposium

Patient Symposium-Agenda (Metropolitan West Room, Conference Centre, second level)
This year’s agenda has been organized by a group of patients and their caregivers with content driven by the sarcoma community and conference attendees.

10:00-10:40- Presentation: The Patient Perspective and Stories from Patients/Loved Ones
Guna Budrevics and Catherine MacKinnon, patients
-This presentation will include responses from the patient/caregiver survey circulated earlier this year.

10:40-11:20- Speaker: An Introduction to Experience-Based Co-Design
Genny Ng, RRT, BSc
Performance Improvement Specialist, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

11:20-12pm- Panel Discussion
Moderator: Bill Fellows, caregiver
 -The panel will be led by a caregiver of a sarcoma patient and will include a wide array of members of the medical community.

To register for the patient symposium, please contact Faryal Esmail-

*Thank you to everyone who answered our patient/caregiver survey and who participated in this session by sending in video clips for the presentation. We will try our best to use as many of the answers as possible and have chosen to keep all survey questions anonymous in the interest of time and space for the slides. We hope that this session will be the start of a longer discussion between patients/caregivers and health care providers to provide information and to work together towards a common goal of improving quality of life for Sarcoma patients and their families*
-The Patient Symposium Organizing Committee, 2018