Patient Symposium

Patient Symposium-Agenda
This year’s agenda has been organized by a group of patients and their caregivers with content driven by the sarcoma community and conference attendees. More information on the session will follow..

10:00-10:40- Presentation: The Patient Perspective and Stories from Patients/Loved Ones
-This presentation will include responses from the patient/caregiver survey circulated earlier this year.

10:40-11:20- Speaker: An Introduction to Experience-Based Co-Design
Genny Ng, RRT, BSc
Performance Improvement Specialist, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

11:20-12pm- Panel Discussion
 -The panel will be led by a caregiver of a sarcoma patient and will include a wide array of members of the medical community.

To register for the patient symposium, please contact Faryal Esmail-