Advanced Soft Tissue Sarcoma: Complex Case Study

*Please note: This session will be for health care providers only*


Friday June 8th, 2018 7-8am
Breakfast will be provided.

Dr. Christine Simmons
Medical Oncologist, BC Cancer

Dr. Jonathan Noujaim
Medical Oncologist, Hopital Maisonneuve-Rosemont

Dr. Charles Catton
Radiation Oncologist, PMH

Dr. Jay Wunder
Orthopaedic Oncologist, Mount Sinai Hospital

Andrew Han
Pharmacist, Mount Sinai Hospital

Trevor Howard
Nurse, BC Cancer

Learning Objectives:
-To have an interactive, case based, thought provoking discussion on multi-disciplinary approach to advanced soft tissue sarcomas (STS)
-To gain a greater understanding of the multi-disciplinary factors affecting the management in a 1)borderline resectable STS and 2)metastatic STS

This non-accredited learning activity was supported by Lilly Oncology